8/7/15 — Comfy in Cotacachi

All settled in at the home of Carlos and Norma and their teen daughter, Norma Jean. The house has been completely decorated in a very modern style by Carlos. He’s even designed some of the furniture! Renatta says that her dad should have been an interior designer. She believes that at least part of the reason he’s purchased other houses and apartments around the mountain cities is because it gives him the chance to decorate to his heart’s content! There is much laughter in their house. And though I don’t understand the source of the laughter, I somehow understand some of it merely through their body language. So it’s fun for me, too.

Cotacachi is such a gentle little city. It has a population of just 8,000. Carlos seems to know a whole lot of people in town. His family goes back many generations here. It is very safe and quiet here from all that I can discern. I,ve walked the streets at dusk and evening when there are few people out and I’ve felt completely comfortable.

It interests me that there are many dogs roaming the city. Whether some or all are owned by people is a mystery to me, but they are tame and extremely easy going. You won’t see any dog on a leash even if it does have an owner. This is so striking to me. The dogs have total freedom and seem to enjoy it thoroughly. You see them lounging around on the curbs and you see them casually crossing the street and sometimes even walking right in the middle of the road; cars be damned! The dogs seem to survive nicely. Another feature of the city: it’s immaculate. Not a piece of paper or even dog poop to be seen. How can there be so many dogs without a sign of any poop? And I still haven’t seen any street cleaners. The city simply sparkles.

Cotacachi sits between 2 volcanoes: one is Cotacachi and the other is Imbabura. When I figure out how to post my photos, I’ll show you what they look like. I am particularly fascinated by Imbabura. It is very, very imposing and always has a group of clouds hanging around right at the top, hovering over the volcanic depths. I have to find out why the clouds are always there. Wherever you walk or drive, these 2 volcanoes are always in sight.

I must say a word about the glorious weather. Every day is practically the same. The sun is almost always out. Just warm enough to be comfortable. There always seems to be a slight breeze coming through. Later in the day, it cools down a bit requiring a sweater or light jacket. This is my kind of weather!!


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